Friday, September 7, 2012

New Beginnings

The night before school started, Patrick was getting more and more nervous about 5th grade.  Would it be too hard?  Would he have too much homework?  Would he get success recess? 

As I was tucking him into bed he lamented that he didn't even think any of his friends would be in his class!  Patrick thought about it for a bit, and then solemnly said, "Well, there is this one kid I know . . . but he is a hyperactive psychopath!  With a bad haircut!!!" 

I guess I get an A+ for teaching my kid tolerance.  Not.

I am happy to report Patrick had a wonderful first day!  Several of his friends are in his class and he has a teacher we have known and loved for many years! 

All the little kids are happy to be back in school and have exceptionally gifted teachers. 

Mei Mei was the most excited!  We have decided to age her down and place her in second grade (half time).  I stayed with her the first day, but she kept telling me to go home!  Day two was solo and all smiles.  She tells us over, and over, that she didn't get to go to school in China, and that it wasn't fair!  (Have I mentioned that her English is phenomenal?)  She LOVES school!  Her only complaint is that she wants to go full time, but for now, spending mornings homeschooling to catch her up academically is a better fit. 

Paul and Kim even seem happy to be back with their friends and have structure to their days.

Lizzy is gearing up for a challenging sophomore year in college.  She will be a wonderful nurse!

You might think that with all the kids back in school, I would have plenty of time to do things like clean my house. 

Or blog.


I've been a little bit busy loving on this precious angel.

Being a grammy is such a sweet reward, and I just can't drink her in enough.

She has been called "the peaceful diva" by her Uncle Patrick,

which fits her perfectly.

She smiles frequently,

and is relaxed and calm.

Sweetpea is very, very loved.

And yes, all of these photos were really necessary.  And let me tell you--there's more where those came from!  Oh how we love our new granddaughter!

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