Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!

Oh what a delightful day it has been!

Today was Mei Mei's birthday! 

Last summer we celebrated a mini-birthday, but today was her real, REAL birthday! 

Can I just say she was the most excited birthday girl in the world?  And for a girl who loves wa-was (stuffed animals), Build-A-Bear is heaven on earth!

She was over-the-moon excited to have siblings and relatives join in the fun,

and her best friend, who is like a gift from heaven, sent to sweet Mei Mei who has been waiting her whole life for a friend.

They played the dress-the-bear-game,

made wishes,

fluffed and primped animals,

and filled the place with laughs and smiles.  Even the big kids had fun.

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!  You are a miracle.  Truly. A. Miracle. 

Your resilience is beyond human explanation, your presence a joy, and your excitement for life fills each and every one of us with wonder, joy, and BELIEF in the healing power of God.  Happy Birthday!  We love you!

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