Monday, July 11, 2011

Before and After Party: Goodwill table

Well hello all! It’s time for another partaaaay!

I’ve got another project from the family room redo to share this time. When I was sure we were going to order the sectional, I started measuring out the space to see what was going to be able to stay and what would need to go. One thing that needed to scoot (to another room) was the long Goodwill coffee table I had moved into the space last year.

It was just too long with the sectional, so I was on the search for something that was smaller and a square shape. (If I had only kept our $10 coffee table I wouldn’t have had this problem!)

And I found a major score at Goodwill a few months ago when I found another table for $25! WHOO! It was the perfect size, the perfect shape and I LOVED the look:


It was all worn and warm and lovely. :)

The only issues were that one of the hardware pieces was missing (it was one little piece – impossible to find) and it was a teensy bit too tall. I think it was meant to be a side table.

The legs on it were about four inches tall, so my first project was to cut down them down:


Arrh arrrh arrrrrgh…just call me tool man Taylor. ;) Uhhhh…woman Taylor. Whatever.

Because I cut off about four inches it was at a good height, but there was a little somethin’ I wanted to add. I had fun adding bits of different styles into this space and wanted to give this table an industrial feel.

I found casters at my local True Value and knew just what I was going to do:

copper casters

They have a gorgeous copper finish – luuuurve!

They had a brassy tone as well that I quite liked (I know, HUH?):

brass casters

And a bunch of other options including locking casters, itty bitty ones and honkin’ ones:


Because I cut four inches off the height, I could add a couple back and it was still going to be short enough to rest our feet. These were two inches tall and I just screwed them into the bottom of the table. (Make sure to get the screw-on type if you decide to try this – much easier to install!)

Then it was time to address the missing hardware. My True Value’s hardware aisle doesn’t disappoint:

hardware true value

Do you hear them? The birds singing? ;) I haven’t found a selection that compares anywhere.

I had to drill some some new holes to get them on, and that’s why I went with the pulls I did – so they would hide the previous (large) holes: coffee table on wheels

Did I mention all of the storage in this little baby? Those little drawers hold a TON of stuff. Perfect for remotes and notepads and pens and JUNK. Love it!

I didn’t get a great photo of the casters, sorry about that! You can see them a bit here:

coffee table on casters

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about using non locking casters, but now I’m really happy with them. The table doesn’t move when we put our feet on it, but we can easily move it around the room if needed.

You know, for when I need room to spread and take a nap work out.

Or something. 

This little Goodwill table fits perfectly in the space:

It’s not a huge transformation, but now it works for us and the casters change up the look just a tad. And it has all that storage, which is a huge bonus.

Here’s the before and after for this month:


And the room with Goodwill coffee table number one (or two?):

And now with number three:

square coffee table

;) If Goodwill keeps taking the awesome coffee tables, I’ll keep finding them!

Now it’s time to see your before and after! I can’t wait!!

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