Friday, July 1, 2011

Candlestick turned Table

What up what UP? Are you ready for a fabulous holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to bunches of family and friend time and TONS of fireworks. And lots of food. Lots. :)

I’m so excited about a little project I finished up today and I couldn’t wait to show you. My first day of No-Spend July went off without a hitch – I already had everything for this project. (And have for awhile.)

It all started with a chunky candlestick I found at Goodwill last year (yes, last year) for $4. The process was pretty simple, and I took pics of all of the details for your viewing pleasure. ;)

First up, the I-like-em-chunky candlestick:

chunky candlestick

No sanding here peeps, just some cleaning:

(I. hate. sanding.)

A wooden plate from Hob Lob:

(On sale…holllaaa!)

Some Liquid Nails around the top:

I laid the plate on the floor and did everything upside down so I could see to make sure it was centered:

A couple coats of spray primer:

spray primer

And then a coat of Heirloom White:

hierloom white rustoleum

I like eggshell or satin for furniture projects, but glossy will do just fine!

After it dried I scuffed it up a bit:


Because I didn’t want it too look like there was a PLATE sitting on top (even though there was), I added a mirror from Hob Lob:

Half off, in the candle section.

I didn’t even glue it – just set it in the center. It was a perfect fit:

And now I have an itty bitty table perfect for this small spot:

candlestick turned side table

I LOVE IT. Seriously…in love.

Love that candle too – have you seen the little holders at Bath and Body Works? Super cute, and that one was only $3.50.

The table is surprisingly sturdy – the candlestick is nice and heavy (the bottom is weighted). It holds a drink or the remote just fine, and that’s all I need. ;)

I know many of you are so excited to see the sectional!! The room has been a mess with holes in the walls, drywall dust and sawdust lately…but I will show you the space next week for SURE. I’m SO excited to show you! Hang in there with me!

I hope you have a wonderful, fun and SAFE holiday weekend!





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