Monday, January 2, 2012


Welcome to the second most wonderful time of the year people. At least I think it is. Next to the Christmas season, the beginning of the year is absolutely my favorite time. I just get plain giddy about all the possibilities…mostly for my house. ;)

Beyond just that new year feeling, it’s the first time in months that I can focus on more DIY again, instead of holiday decor. And that holiday decor is all down (except for outside – it’s been too dang cold!) so the house feels fresh and new and bigger and brighter and…SIGH.

I just love the new start the new year brings. It’s this time of year that I can’t turn off my brain – I laid in bed last night with visions of sugarplums…err, built ins, new paint colors and board and batten dancing in my head. ;)

I have some big plans for the blog and the house this year, but let’s start with the house, shall we?

I won’t bore you with more pics of undone projects again, but the one of the biggies is to get that office finished (for real, planning to have that post up next week).

The chocolate powder room (that I showed you in my last post) is getting a complete redo. I’ve already put a first coat of a bluish grey on the walls and the ceiling, and for awhile now (it’s been torn apart for MONTHS) I have been planning on doing tall beadboard around the room, like our laundry room.

But then I saw this the horizontal look instead, and am kind of smitten with it:

plank wall(source)

I’m thinking all white though, with the blue walls above.

We currently have a pedestal sink in there, but because it’s a pretty big powder room, we have the space to add something like a small dresser with a sink instead:

dresser sink(source)

I LOVE that!

I’m already scoping out Craigslist and have my measurements ready in case I find something that works at Goodwill or Habitat Restore.

My plan is to move the light from above the mirror down to one on either side of the mirror – something like this:


Can you see it? The new bathroom in my head? ;)

I have big build plans in mind for a few rooms in the house. I’m calling this year The Year of the Built In. Dun dun dun...

I have thoughts roaming around in my head (told you it’s keeping me up at night!) for some in the living room, maybe the dining room (I have a whole idea in mind for the dining room that is a bit out there), and for sure in the playroom:


This space is more a game room space now, because most of the toys are down in the basement. The problem is I know we’ll need a bit more game storage space as the Bub gets older. Right now we only have a few board games that he plays, but my hope is that he’ll enjoy a rousing game of Clue as much as I did someday. (Without the fierce competitiveness and sulking when someone beats me.)

I’ve had plans to build something like this:


Along this wall:


Isn’t it perfect for those? I’ve actually been planning them for years and my Dad and I have it mostly figured out. It’s just a matter of DOING it. :)

One of the biggest projects I’d like to complete this year is to move the washer and dryer and make the laundry/mud room a true mud room. Cause it drives me total bonkers to have the piles of laundry in there.

When my lovely, evil plan is all done – this space:
yelow and black laundry

Will look something like this:


Ohhh yeah.

This wouldn’t suck either:


You know. Just saying.

You have NO idea how happy it would make me to see this every time I walked in. I know it will be covered with shoes and coats and dog leashes but I so. don’t. care. Anything is better than what we’ve got going now. It ain’t workin’.

There are SO many other projects running through my noggin – I’m loving the look of bright spaces with neutral pieces but lots of pops of color:


(This designer does some beautiful work!)

Because I couldn’t sleep last night, I pulled out my phone and made a list a mile long, just get to get the ideas out of my brain. Do you ever need to do that?

So, there’s the very short list for the coming year – I’ll share what I have planned for the blog soon as well!

I can’t wait to get started on the first project though – and it’s none of the above. It involves the pantry and making it work a little more efficiently (and a tiny bit prettier maybe). I think I have it all figured out – it’s just going to take a TON of work.

So do you love this time of year too? Have you taken all your Christmas decor down yet? Do you think your home feels new and fresh right now or drab and boring? Any fun projects planned for your house this year?

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