Sunday, January 1, 2012

Before and After Party: Updates

Hey all! Happy New Year to you! And YOU. :)

It’s time to kick off the first Before and After Party of the year! Whoohoo!! This time I’m doing a little update on my 2011 plans – I’ll show you what I had on my to do list last January and show you the latest photos I have of each space.

Let’s just say I didn’t get most of what I wanted to to do done. I think I should  just stop saying things out loud. Or writing them down. Whatever.

First up, I wanted to complete the never-ending kitchen redo I started 15 years ago. OK…just a couple years ago. I still haven’t done a complete post on all the updates I’ve made, but here’s a pic of the bay window area late 2010 (left), and late 2011 (right):

image image

What I didn’t do in the kitchen:

- Install glass fronts on a few of the cabinets
- touch up paint (everywhere)
- a light fixture over the island

I did get a couple projects done that were on the list:
- install crown
- finish up some accessory projects (mostly above the cabinets)

Aaaaaaaand. That’s it. ;)

No wait! I did change out the light over the kitchen table. That’s something.

In my defense, in August we had the fridge leak, so the kitchen was out of commission till October. Then the holidays hit and it was all over for the year. ;)

Up next, I had big plans for the master bedroom, mostly involving the installation of molding throughout the room.

That didn’t happen.

But I did change up the room a bit, by hanging mirrors over our nightstands and redoing the space above the bed:

image  image

I didn’t get our dresser painted or get the wall behind the bed painted either.

Total slacker.

I have some new ideas in my for our bedroom, which will involve A TON of work. Which means it will be completed in 2015.

The office has come a loooong way! It started with painted walls, then molding, then new floors and a little rearranging:

image image image

I take it back – the kitchen isn’t the longest project ever. The office is. But I’ll show you the final room in the next two weeks. I LOVE it!!

The chocolate brown powder room looks a little different. I showed you the update (which consisted of pulling off the molding and painting the ceiling) late in the summer:

image image

I did slap a coat of the new paint up there before a party back in October, but it’s rough. :) First coat, no cutting in kind of rough. A little scary.

I’ve since figured out exactly what I want to do in here so I’m excited to get moving! (More on that this week!)

And finally, the poor, poor guest room. Or maybe I should say our poor, poor guests that sleep in this room. ;)

The only thing that’s changed in this space is a little rearranging and some new bedding:

image image

The new bedding was HUGE though – I didn’t want to move forward with anything major in there till I got that figured out.

So there you go! A little update on all of the fabulousness I marked off my to do list for 2011. I’m sharing the goals for 2012 this week but I’m a little scared I’ll jinx them. ;)

It’s time to share your projects! Link up a recent fave or your favorite before and after from 2011! Or both! :)

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Party hardy folks!!

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