Tuesday, July 17, 2012

California, Like, Totally For Real!

After a bit of a cranky first day, we are having a fantabulous trip!  So much to tell, so little time.

Lots of time with BFFs, family, beaches, pools, skateparks, and Hollywood!

I will say the Honda Pilot is crowded MUCH--you know you have too much stuff when you start calculating the square centimeter-age of items you are considering donating to the dumpster at the next rest stop (you can't see it, but the kids are actually sitting  on a sleeping bag!).

Craziness update and more pics soon! 

Two best quotes of the trip:

1. Lizzy:  "Who needs leg room?  We can just cross our legs!"

2. Vu:  "Daddy's gonna be SO mad!"  Me:  "Why?"  Vu:  "Cuz his car is a MESS!!!" 

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