Thursday, July 12, 2012


We leave bright and early tomorrow!  It's a bit daunting to know we are driving further than if we were flying to Beijing, China. 

Whose idea was this?

Packing was a bit stressful.

I do own a 15 passenger van, but said 15-passenger van gets 15 MPG.  On a good day.  And ours is 12 years old.  And actually it isn't "ours" it is "mine" because Hubby said he would never, never, NEVER have a gigantic church van parked in his driveway.  NEVER!

So I park it on the street.

I do love The Beast aka The Jesus Mobile aka The MOMster aka The Shaggin' Wagon aka The Monster Limo aka

The Streak Mobile (probably the BEST story that van will ever tell). 

Sadly (sniff, sniff), he will be left behind.

Instead, I should be giving a commercial for a Honda Pilot right now.  Yes, it is possible to fit 8 people and all their crap necessities in what the manufacturers term an SUV made better.

At this point, I don't even consider it an SUV.

I'll show you an SUV made better.

Meet my new dream car.

Saw this baby parked outside a hotel.  Pretty sweet huh?

Let the adventure begin!

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