Friday, August 31, 2012


Today marks 1,000.  I have been blogging for almost six years, and I'm shocked to discover that I've actually sat down to post 1,000 times.  Really?


1,000 times we laughed, or cried, or simply had coffee together. 

Thanks for listening.

Like a mother reminisces over her baby who has grown into a teen, I look back and marvel.  So much has happened. 

So much sadness.  Enough to fill 1,000 years.  1,000,000 times.

So much happiness.  Enough to fill 1,000 years.  1,000,000 times. Times 1,000.

I have witnessed incredible miracles--like the birth of our first grandchild.

What amazing joy to meet this perfect gift from God.

Can I just say she's the most beautiful baby in the world?  (I'm her Grammy, I can brag if I want to!)

I have often thought about why I blog--and if I should continue.  I always come back to the same conclusions: my blog is my catharsis, history, scrapbook and social/family network.  I love to share about the joys and challenges of adoption, large families, parenting, LIFE--the laughter, joy, and hope and that every day brings. 

And I love to share about things that nobody else wants to hear--like how I once shaved my legs in the car.  Good times people!

I DON'T love to share about death and dying and loss and torment and hell and destruction and living life with a son lost to cancer.  I sometimes do.  It's always raw.  And it feels bi-polar to follow up that post with any other topic.  The Day My Son Died And Took Half My Heart With Him . . . . I Peed My Pants While Texting a Picture Of A Port-A-Potty.  (Come to think of it, I forgot to share the texting-while-peeing story--soon!)  The depths of despair to the heights of glory--all in the same day--that is my life.

Sometimes, I have so many words I can't capture them fast enough; others, I flounder for days to find anything at all to say. 

Often, I have considered taking my blog private, mostly to protect my children's privacy.  And I would like to openly discuss certain topics--many APs naively (erroneously) believe their blogs are not followed at international bureaucratic levels.  They are.  Seriously.  Not that mine is.  At least, I hope not, because if it is they must be very confused about how I got approved for adoption when I post about things like my history as a stalker.  That poor man is, no doubt, still traumatized. 

And I would like to talk about things that I just can't talk about for reasons I can't talk about.  Maybe someday. 

And the reason I decide NOT to go password protected?

Because more than anything, I pray that Jesus will find a way to use me. I pray Jesus will work through my fingers to help HIM--in whatever humble way that might be.   And you just never know when that will be--or how. 

Which is why I can't wait to share post #1,001.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you!  My blog followers!  I know you are out there--but you are often so silent!  Now is the time to come forth!  Speak!  I demand you to speak!!!

Sorry to sound so PMSish--I'll rephrase that--please comment, pretty please?

If you prefer, you can e-mail me: r8rgr8 @ frontier (dot) com  (remove spaces)  (And yes, I know, we need to change our e-mail address to reflect our growing number of children--does my delay say anything about past experiences in changing an e-mail address?  I'd rather get a PAP smear while simultaneously having my wart frozen off and my eyebrows waxed!)

I would love to know if there is a post that especially resonated with you?  One that made you laugh, or cry, or love me, or hate me.  Surely, in those 1,000, there is a reason you are still here with me.  Humor me. 

CHEERS!  To another 1,000!!! 

Up next--an incredible story of how God can use a blog to bring about love, faith, and the miracle of adoption!

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