Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy To Be Home!

Mei Mei continues to do very well.  It has been great to see comments from readers who have been down this road and had encouraging stories to share.  Mei Mei's recovery is so much easier than when Kim had her bone graft.  Kim's hip was horribly painful after the procedure.

In the playroom just hours after surgery.  Her face is much more swollen today. 
For those who do not live in the "cleft world" there is a nice explanation here

She had two oral surgeries and braces, in preparation for the surgery, so she's ready to be done with this rodeo. 

Mei Mei is now home, lounging on the couch watching Sesame Street, and asking me every five minutes when she can have hard food.

When Kim had this surgery her surgeon allowed soft foods after just a few days.  Mei Mei's surgeon is much more cautious and only allows liquids and soft foods blended up.  For four weeks.

Four weeks peoples!  The blender and I will become very good friends.  Ugh.  This does not sound like fun.  Especially for Mei Mei.  But I've already been googling recipes!  Thanks again for all the prayers.  We now pray that the bone graft will take so she will be DONE with surgery!

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