Saturday, August 3, 2013

Does Swimming Count As A Shower?

A funny during our vacation.  I posted this on facebook:

"Yesterday I realized Patrick had been wearing the same shirt for three days solid! Another example of how my parenting has relaxed over the years--perhaps a bit much!! Lol."


Comments from friends:

"Wow, you noticed? That's mom of the year material. Ours would still be wearing it!"  ~ S. Y. Father of 7 including 5 boys

"And who knows how many days he has been wearing the same underwear??? Lol  Sounds like my boys!" ~ A. Y. Mom to 5 boys

"As long as he doesn't smell...." ~ D.D. Mom to 6 including 3 boys

My reply:  "He went swimming. So I think he's clean underneath those dirty clothes?? I'm guessing tho that since he put the same clothes back on after swimming it includes same undies. Lol."

"Yep yep yep. Boys boys boys." ~ S.P. Mom to 3 including 2 teenage boys

"Love it!!! Awesome!!! By the by...swimming totally counts as a bath!!!" ~  K. B. Mom of 3 boys

"Swimming counts as a bath at our place. It's why our littles pretty much don't shower in the summer." ~ S. Y  Father of 5 boys

Gotta love friends who understand boys!!!  And remain friends with negligent mothers!

Lord knows how many days he went without brushing his teeth!

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