Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random Thanks and Thoughts

I want to thank each and every one of you who left a sweet message, e-mailed, called, offered dinner and prayers.  I cried when I read your messages.  I even received an e-mail from a reader who has never posted a comment, but said she has been reading my blog for years--she wanted to tell me we have friends we don't even know who are praying for us and that she was holding my hand from afar. 



And with that, I am happy to bring some random thoughts (since I'm still trying to find coherence.)

My dad is hanging in there.  Good days and bad.  He has now been moved to assisted living, but is two hours away.  Sigh.  BUT, he is surrounded by a MULTITUDE of friends, family members, and my mom is always by his side.  We were hoping to go up this weekend except . . .

My kids did NOT get the memo that they are ALL supposed to get sick at once. 

NOT ONE BY ONE.  That is just not cool.

Now Lan Lan and Mei Mei are down for the count.  Yuck.

In other news--something amazing occurred.  I DID hire a cleaning crew!  I now know what heaven on earth is!  Please, please, come and look at my house right now so you can see it amazingly clean.

Oops too late.  They left an hour ago.

Need some good advice?  Are you the parent of a 5th grade boy? 

Here is goes.  Never, ever, ever, EVER, NEVER put a juice box in their lunch. 

Or rather, a CLIFFORD juice box.  You know?  Clifford the Big Red Dog?  He is apparently NOT cool with the in-crowd (or any crowd) in 5th grade.  In fact, Patrick might need some counseling over the issue.  It doesn't matter if they were on sale!  It doesn't matter if Mei Mei picked them out.  They are for worse-than-nerds.  For TURDS.  TRAUMA-DRAMA!

Here's another bit of advice. 

You know those Clifford juice boxes?  They will be cool again when boys are in 8th grade.  So will Hello Kitty Band-Aids.  Go figure. 

In other news, we celebrated three birthdays.


Blog posts coming soon about how wonderfully special each and every birthday child is/was/forever shall be. 

Actually, since I'm into time management these days, let's just get that checked off the list.

Happy Birthday insert name here.  I love you to the moon and back!  You are amazing!  You will always be my favorite child!


(I seriously need one of those "That Was Easy!" buttons!)

In other, other news, we've been able to postpone Mei Mei's bone graft until summer.  Yeah!  She does need oral surgery next week.  Boo. 

Just in time for Kim's surgery April 1.  Double, triple, extra quadruple BOO!  But thankful for excellent doctors, a great children's hospital, and insurance.  And incredibly thankful doctors know the cause of Kim's pain and can fix it (and keep it from causing even more problems). 

That, my friends, is all I got!  More mindless posts coming soon to a blog near you!

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