Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christmas Day


A funny.  Everyone looked through their stockings and were enjoying their Santa gifts.  Vu was going crazy over his new bike!  About ten minutes later, Lizzy asked Patrick how he liked his new bike?  He said very matter-of-factly that Santa only brought a bike for Vu.  He acted like it was no big deal, even tho he REALLY wanted a bike too.

Tell me, do you see a bike for Patrick?

Good thing Santa doesn't bring tigers!  The four youngest kids have been sharing two bikes, so let me tell you, once he saw it he was ONE HAPPY BOY!!!

Skyping with Will and Family--WE MISS YOU!!!!!

Sidenote--see that lava lamp in the background?  In about thirty seconds, it will be broken . . . and so will Hubby's finger.  Ouch!

James with his fun-loving girlfriend.  Our family tends to have this effect on people.

Sidenote--second casualty of the day.  See that blond head right in front of James?  In about thirty seconds there will be a sibling squabble for space, Kim will tickle Patrick, who will then throw his head right back into James' mouth.

James suffered a mouth wound, but was able to recover for a family picture.  Notice how he is leaning AWAY from Patrick.  AND his girlfriend is standing behind him to provide additional protection since James' mother (ME) was obviously a lunatic and had laughed when it happened! 

Have I ever mentioned that it's a really good thing I didn't become a nurse?  I have this bizarre thing where I sometimes laugh when someone gets hurt.  I know.  It's weird.  More votes for mom of the year.  Can't you just imagine me in the ER as a nurse.  "Oh no!  You have a gunshot wound?  Laugh!  Laugh!  Are you okay?  Laugh!  Laugh!"  But I digress . . . .  

If James never produces a grandchild for me, I will know why.

At this point our house was not peaceful, not quiet, and not clean.  BUT it is full of happy smiles and happy children, which is so much better. 

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