Sunday, September 8, 2013

When God Speaks In The Night--Radical Simplicity

I guess now that vacation is over I can't just keep throwing out a bunch of pictures and calling it a blog post! 

So, I'll share something that's been simmering in my thoughts.

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the night with words burning in my mind. I felt absolutely compelled to get up and write them down. I never write down things in the night, because I always think I can remember them (and of course, then I wake up the next morning and try to remember, but can't!).

This time, it was so powerful I absolutely had to.

 The words were

I had no idea what that meant.   I still don't.  But I feel like God is trying to convey something very important and life changing. 

I feel a sense of urgency to clean, cull, organize, simplify.  I know, WEIRD.  And even weirder, Hubby feels the same way!!! I don't feel God is telling me to live off the grid and grow all my own food (tho I do think having a couple chickens would be fun--which is the polar opposite of what Hubby thinks would be fun!).  I don't think God is telling me to stay home all the time, drop all the kids activities, or go on a spending fast (tho I do want to spend money more wisely).  I do think God wants me to carefully reconsider how I'm spending my time and to focus on relationships, including my relationship with Him.

I like the idea that came in my mailbox today--an ad from Mary Jane's Farm magazine that says,

"Enter a world where life is simpler, healthier,
and much more playful . . ."

Have I ever mentioned my obsession with soup?

I am still turning toward Christ to discover what RADICAL SIMPLICITY means for my life. I have been reading everything I can regarding the topic of simplicity.  I've also been spending time in prayer and reflection trying to discern God's will for my life.

Stay tuned . . . and please feel free to add your own thoughts on what radical simplicity means.


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