Sunday, September 22, 2013

The French Reflection Accordian Extending And Reversible 71/2" Makeup Mirror Chrome

  • Magnifications: 3x or 4x magnification.
  • Reversible to 1x magnification.
  • The mirror glass is backed with pure silver.
  • Heavily plated, smooth-operating, sag free pantograph.
  • Solid Brass frame, heavily plated, can never rust, even in the most humid environment.

List Price: $550.00
Special Offer: check this out!

Product Description
The pantograph has long been used as a makeup mirror extension device. But this one is different it's superhigh quality. No slip and no sag. And the mirror itself is a French Reflection quality 71/2" mirror with 3x magnification power. A And the mirror slips over from magnification to a nomagnification mirror on the opposite side. A Although nonlighted, the image quality of French Reflection mirrors is outstanding on its own merit, usually more than adequate in a reasonably welllit area. A The mirror pivots up and down and left and right; pulls in and out on its pantograph which also pivots left and right at the base.

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