Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Best Job

Today I am breathing.  In and Out!  I am finally done with all my classes.  Say hello to your new MSW friend!  Ta-da!!!

And you know what?  I have no summer plans!  None!  I might end up with a job, but so far no luck, and guess what?  I'm okay with that! 

I interviewed for a job last week, but I didn't get it.  And tho I felt the position was a perfect match, the job I want the very most is RIGHT HERE WITH MY FAMILY!

Summer days spent with my kids sounds refreshing and rejuvenating.  I need a lot of that right now.  My soup pot is empty, which means I need to refill my soul with things like good books and time with people I love--including re-entering the blog world with all of you!

I did get a little creative with one of my last term papers, and I wrote it as a poem.  I'll share parts of it when I have the energy to open a Word document again. 

In the meantime, a few more pics from our family photo shoot.  I still need to get them touched-up and do some head swaps (technology is amazing!).  Happy summer!

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