Sunday, July 21, 2013

Limping To The Finish Line

It's our last week of school and OH MY GOODNESS, I am more excited than my kids! 

It has been killer helping so many kids with so many end-of-the-year projects and speeches (Can someone please remind me WHY I have so many kids???)

On a positive note, I do know more about the American Robin, Ginger Rogers, the history of chess, and the great state of Texas, than any mother in the history of woman-kind!

On a negative note, I did NOT enjoy all the parental help it entailed to help said children (did I ever mention it is a whole lot more work to help English-Language-Learners do research, homework, projects, and speeches?  No.  K.  Consider it done.  And you will hear it again and again and again--for sure.) 

I peed my pants and can SO RELATE to Jen Hatmaker's post on The-Worst-End-Of-School-Year-Mom-Ever!  Hysterical!  Must read!  Just put your Depends on first. 

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