Saturday, July 6, 2013

No Foolin'

I'm going to bed.  To sleep.  In theory. 

Tomorrow is the big day.

I am usually a big joker for April Fool's Day. 

One of my best was when I told the kids that school district test scores were so low they were going to keep all the kids in school for an extra month.  Even the teenagers fell for that one. "What??? They can't do that!!!  I refuse!!!"  FUNNY!

And then, of course, the shot jokes.  Which is funny--unless you have newly adopted kids who had to get five shots all in the same day before leaving China.  Then, it's not so funny! 

Oh!  And then the, "Guess what? We're adopting again!" joke.  But that one isn't any fun anymore, because people just say they aren't the least bit surprised!

But I digress.

Kim will go into surgery tomorrow (Monday) at 8:30 am (Pacific time).  Surgery will last about five hours.

PLEASE keep her in your prayers!  I'll update when I can!

Here's a picture from today.  I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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