Friday, October 25, 2013


Lan Lan and Mei Mei had their ballet recital.  It was beautiful! 

It is always emotional for me to see how far my girls have come. 

Two girls who were once denied so much, yet are now blossoming before our very eyes.

Mei Mei didn't love ballet (she especially didn't like having her hair put up every week!), but it was so good for her, in so many ways, and we had her complete the year.  She enjoyed performing as Red Ridinghood in the recital.

Lan Lan always dreamed of becoming a dancer and she loves it!  She starts pre-point next year and is SO excited to start wearing toe shoes!  She was a Russian dancer for the performance--can't you just see her glow? 

Feeling grateful remembering this special day, feeling grateful for two very special daughters who bring so much light and life to our family! 

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