Sunday, October 6, 2013

Secrets To Successful Older Child Adoption

Adopting an older child from Asia?

You simply must learn the secret of school lunchtime success.

A good thermos!

A good thermos will run about $15 and will have metal inside (not plastic). 

First, fill the empty thermos with boiling water.  Then, heat up the food--soup/rice/dumplings/pasta-- nice and hot.  Dump out the hot water and put in the hot food.  It will still be toasty warm at lunchtime!  Yum! 

And for the record, I do not think parents should force their older adoptees to just eat American food and deal.  I will eat almost anything.  Except for fish and seafood.  And seaweed and turtles and eel.  SO, I have great compassion for my kids because I know that if I had to suddenly move to Asia and eat all the foods that are common there, I would STARVE TO DEATH!

Allowing my kids to eat familiar foods (while still encouraging them to try new foods), is one less change they have to make and one less thing to disagree on.  I also allow open access to healthy food all day, especially the first few months they are home.  This is HUGE is overcoming hoarding of food--something all our kids stopped doing within days of coming home--once they realized they can always eat.

Food = security.  Food = nutrition.

Our kids need both.  Lan Lan has gained THIRTY(!) pounds since coming home (and she still wears a size slim!).  

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