Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's Next?

Oh me, oh my!  Coming up for air!  I completed my final term paper last night.  I'm too old for this college stuff!

I am SOOO looking forward to spring break.  I desperately want some down time with my kids!   I want to spend time with my dad and mom!  I want to spend time with my husband!

At the Temple of Heaven in Beijing 

Since I only have one term left (PTL!) people have been asking me (and asking me) what I plan to do after graduation.  Honestly, I'm not sure!  Maybe become a hobo???

(Wait.  "Hobo" is not a word a social worker should be using.  Did I really just say that?  What I meant to say was employment-seeking-wanderlusting-free-spirited-human-being.)

I know I'll work in child welfare or adoption, but want to work part-time or at least flex some hours from home.  With international adoption slowing down, there's not as much available.  With the State, there's not a lot of part-time opportunities.  Private agencies?  Non-profits?

Lan Lan on a very cold day . . .

It's enough to cause my stress-o-meter to start ratcheting up.  Which I've been doing.  Which doesn't help.  And it's not like I don't have enough to stress about already, ya know?

So at this point, I'm just trying to let it go, and trust that God will put me right where He needs me the most!

finding a ladybug!  A sign of good luck!  

And if He decides that won't be until after summer vacation, I'm good with that!

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