Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saturday Night Fun--The Apple Dance

My dad gave us a GIANT box of apples and in the chaos of Christmas they were accidentally forgotten in the garage. 

Once we discovered them they were still good--but a wee bit soft (and we live in Apple Country where we like our apples crisp!)

So, since Christmas I have been pushing apples like crazy! 

But it was slow going.  I didn't want to see apples go to waste.

So . . . a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.  I promised the kids that once the apples were gone I would perform THE APPLE DANCE!

The kids were intrigued and couldn't wait to see just what the Apple Dance was.  I honestly wasn't sure myself.  But the intake of apples upped immediately!

The excitement grew!

And tonight, with the final two apples, I performed my impromptu Apple Dance!  Lan Lan just happened to catch it with her i-touch, and it was immediately put onto facebook.  So, since the rest of the world now knows I am truly crazy, why not share!!!

(Did I ever mention things get a little crazy around here sometimes!?)  Enjoy!

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